How Does a Botnet Attack Work?

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Here are some of the top tips to safeguard any number of internet-connected devices:Keep systems and programs updated, including firewalls and antivirus softwareTrain on best cybersecurity hygiene, like strong password creation and email managementStay informed on recent trends and attack methodsImplement measures for access and permissions like zero-trust infrastructureInstall an intrusion detection system (IDS)Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)Botnet Attacks in CybersecurityBotnet attacks don’t occur as frequently as other kinds of cyberthreats, but they often have the facade of another type of source. The bot herder — the hacker behind the botnet — can instigate potentially lucrative attacks and rent out the net to other cybercriminals to use for whatever purposes they desire. The first objective of the botnet is to increase the number of infected devices with any method, like spam and trojan horses.

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