How To Reduce Rising Cyber Insurance Costs When You Have a Remote Workforce

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To reduce your premium — in addition to the tips above, you’ll need to prove to your insurer that you’re taking precautionary steps to ensure that only authorized employees are accessing the company laptop and the sensitive information that lives on it at all times. While it takes time to build a truly robust security infrastructure, taking the steps we covered above like Education, Strong password policy, 2FA/MFA, Least privilege, and most importantly protecting your devices with continuous endpoint authentication will immediately improve your security posture — giving you more leverage to negotiate and reduce your cybersecurity premium. Consider the cyber criminal’s desire for:Customer dataFinancial dataEmployee dataProprietary company data and intellectual propertyCredentials and accessOne of the key determining factors in the cost of your cyber insurance policy is the number of records you store, access, and transfer on a normal basis.

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