“MI5 data-management system akin to the ‘wild west’”

data breach

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For example, the 2015 ISC Parliamentary Committee Report stated the following, and quoted the then-Director General of MI5:The Agencies have said that they apply strict policy and process safeguards to control and regulate access to the datasets. MI5 isn’t above the lawBack in July PI and Liberty, were before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (a UK body that hears claims against the security services), taking on MI5 and the Home Secretary for their disregard of the laws and standards which protect our data. Excerpt from document disclosed during the proceedings - MI5 Minute 2016We also argued that MI5 failed to disclose issues with the way it provided data to regulators as well as other courts and tribunals to which MI5 was responsible for making disclosures, such as in inquests and inquiries related to terrorist attacks like the Litvinenko Inquest or the inquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing.

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