3 Critical Firewall Attributes for Today’s Network

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Your network team is also likely adapting to:Agile development environments, in which developers are rapidly creating and modernizing applications that then require network security updatesMultiple data and system silos that slow down gaining visibility into potential issues and vulnerabilitiesA global supply-chain crisis that has caused organizations to use alternate providers — and potentially introduce new business risks to the networkThese factors have put pressure on network teams and on the firewall, a mainstay and integral aspect of IT security, to protect network endpoints, servers, and workstations that interface with the Internet. Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study of the Cisco Secure Firewall and found that it offers:Resiliency: 83% faster incident response and up to 80% reduction in data breach riskVisibility: 49% time savings in threat detectionEfficiency: 95% reduction in routine firewall task time and 55 labor hours saved for policy deployment and updatesThe corporate network must be ready for any security-related issue that comes up. Network teams need firewalls that natively integrate into their security stack to gain unified visibility across the data center, clouds, branch offices, and distributed workforces.

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