Australia-led ICRTF cracks down on ransomware. US GAO says there’s an “urgent” need for effective federal cybersecurity oversight. Fourth time’s the charm? Is cyber brandishing merely for show?


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Last year, the UK government tightened regulations, naming CloudHopper, a chain of attacks where managed service providers were compromised, as one of the reasons for this, and we've also seen various efforts on this front in the US as well with the White House's Executive Order on cybersecurity mandates. Under the bill, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security would be required to report annually to Congress on government policies focused on information sharing about flaws contained in commercially available software and computer systems. The Cybersecurity Vulnerability Disclosure Act, which would require the government to give Congress details about the practice of stockpiling zero-day bugs, has been reintroduced by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, one of the most senior Democrats of the House Homeland Security Committee.

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