Ticketmaster Blames Bots in Taylor Swift 'Eras' Tour Debacle

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This week, Ticketmaster testified in Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that it's not the company's monopoly on the live music market that caused the Swifty sales collapse — it was instead a cyberattack, executives said. SeatGeek Had Similar, but Not as Serious, Swift Sales ProblemsAlthough it was also bogged down under a similar traffic spike, Ticketmaster competitor Seat Geek was able to sell tickets to 52 Taylor Swift concerts without the same technical failures, the company explained to Politico, blaming Ticketmaster's troubles on its market monopoly. Bot & DDoS Attack Defense DifferOnline retailers trying to protect against both bots and DDoS attacks need to adopt different approaches for each, Boaz Gelboard, senior vice president and chief security officer at Akamai, explains to Dark Reading in reaction to the Ticketmaster Senate testimony.

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