DuoLingo investigating dark web post offering data from 2.6 million accounts

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We take data privacy and security seriously and are continuing to investigate this matter to determine if there’s any further action needed to protect our learners.”In the post, the hacker said they obtained the information from scraping an exposed application programming interface (API) and provided a sample of data from 1,000 accounts. According to the user, the claimed data contains 2.6 million account entries.#databreach #cyberrisk pic.twitter.com/7jttRnncpM — FalconFeedsio (@FalconFeedsio) January 24, 2023The scraping of social media sites and platforms like DuoLingo is a widespread problem affecting many of the biggest tech companies currently operating. In April 2021, the phone numbers of 533 million Facebook users were shared on a hacking forum after a hacker said they collected them by scraping Facebook.

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