Raspberry Pi Hacking Like Its 1995

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Sending a test page to my Motorola Advisor using the #RaspberryPi and rpitx to encode and transmit PCSAG using a bit of wire on GPIO4 #hacktheplanet pic.twitter.com/yY56EsVTtQJanuary 22, 2023Using a combination of a Raspberry Pi 4, software called rpitx, and the Raspberry Pi's GPIO (as well as, crucially, a happy dog), PanicAcid sent a message from the Raspberry Pi to the pager. The software can handle frequencies from 5 KHz up to 1500 MHz, and a wire attached to GPIO 4 is all you need to act as the antenna for transmission. This great project from PanicAcid demonstrates that the Raspberry Pi and its GPIO are not just for robotics and blinking LEDs.

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