Wireshark 4.0.3 Released – What’s New!

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Wireshark supports a wide range of network protocols, and with Wireshark, a security professional can see the details of network packets in real-time, including the:-Source IP addressesDestination IP addressesPort numbersPacket sizesMany organizations utilize this tool on a regular basis as part of their daily business operations so that they can monitor the day-to-day tasks of their businesses. In addition to troubleshooting networks, Wireshark can be used to analyze network traffic, develop software or communications protocols, and can even be used for educational purposes in the cybersecurity field. However, here below we have mentioned new things added to this version:-Vulnerability FixesBug FixesUpdated Protocol SupportVulnerabilities FixedHere below we have mentioned the vulnerabilities that have been fixed in this new version:-wnpa-sec-2023-01 EAP dissector crash.

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