Hackers Using Sliver Framework as an Alternative to Cobalt Strike & Metasploit

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As threat actors are opting for this option since it offers a viable alternative to commercial tools such as:-Designed with scalability in mind, the Sliver security testing tool can be used by organizations of all sizes and can be adapted to meet their needs. There are several reasons why Silver C2 is becoming increasingly popular and here below we have mentioned them below:-- Open-source alternative to Cobalt Strike and Metasploit- The modularity of the platform with Armory- Cross-platform: OS X, Linux, and WindowsSince its release in 2020, Silver has been gaining traction at an increasing rate. Sliver C2 ecosystem consists of four basic components that work together to provide a seamless experience, and here below we have mentioned them:-- Server Console- Sliver C2 Server- Client Console- ImplantThere are dozens of open-source frameworks that have been exploited to gain a malicious advantage, and Sliver is just one of them.

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