PayPal Data Breach in December Affected 35,000 Customers

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During this time, the unauthorized third parties were able to view, and potentially acquire, some personal information for certain PayPal users.”PayPal said the malicious parties may have obtained customers’ name, address, Social Security number, individual tax identification number, and/or date of birth.”It was reported that the information was obtained in a credential stuffing attack — which is when threat actors obtain leaked usernames and passwords, and try to force their way into other websites with them. Published on: January 25, 2023PayPal suffered a massive breach in December and has alerted the nearly 35,000 potentially affected customers with a notice that explains the situation and what customers must do to keep their account safe. It’s highly recommended (for anyone) to not reuse passwords and if you notice any suspicious activity on your PayPal, change your password and security questions.

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