HomePod software version 16.3 out: all features and improvements listed

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The release notes, the place where Apple updates consumers on the changes, read the following about those additions:Temperature and humidity sensor measures your indoor climate with the HomePod (second-generation) and HomePod miniRemastered and even more immersive ambient sounds can be added to scenes, automations and alarms in the Home appFind My lets you ask Siri for the location of family and friends (if shared)Repeating home automation can be configured by voiceHomePod plays a Siri confirmation tone to indicate that requests in your smart home have been completed for accessoriesSpoken material such as podcasts is optimized with audio tuning so it sounds even clearer on the HomePod (mini)Updated volume controls on the HomePod (first-generation) gives you more fine-tuned adjustments at lower volumesHow do you install an update on the smart speaker? Share this article: Share App Mail TweetHomePod software version 16.3 out: all features and improvements listedApple has rolled out a new software version for the HomePod. The new model, announced last week, will be released on Feb. 3 and will cost 349 eurosSoftware version 16.3 brings improvements to the HomePodAlthough the second-generation HomePod has yet to appear, existing (supported) models are already provided.

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