Mastodon vs. Twitter: Know the differences

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But, unlike Twitter, this means that anyone, whether an individual or an entity, can take advantage of the code to create their own ‘mini social networks’, all of them being interconnected and able to communicate with each other and together making up the Mastodon universe known as the fediverse. Ultimately, while trusting big corporations to manage personal data might be driving users to Mastodon, it is important to evaluate the risks of entrusting your data to someone you don’t know, why they decided to run a Mastodon server, or even how safe and protected from leaks their server infrastructure is. While many became concerned over their data and how Twitter’s new leadership will deal with content moderation, another platform benefited from the upheaval, gaining momentum and a lot of new users in the process: Mastodon grew from 300,000 users in October to over 2 million in December.

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