Exponential Disruption and The Cyber Criminal Adoption of the InterPlanetary File System


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The company said it expects this kind of activity to continue increasing as more threat actors recognize that IPFS can be used to facilitate bulletproof hosting, is resilient against content moderation and law enforcement activities, and introduces problems for organizations attempting to detect and defend against attacks that may leverage the IPFS network.’‘Organizations should be aware of how these newly emerging technologies are being actively used across the threat landscape and evaluate how to best implement security controls to prevent or detect successful attacks in their environments. This IPFS/web3 cybersecurity incident was of interest to us because it contains all the elements necessary for this case study to introduce the following core concepts and recommendations, which apply to many of the cybersecurity and emerging technology thematics we have explored in 2022: According to Cisco Talos, IPFS is currently being leveraged to host phishing kits, which are the websites that phishing campaigns typically use to collect and harvest credentials from unsuspecting victims.

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