3 and Free: 1 Amazing Deal, 2 Exceptional NGFWs

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Here’s a closer look at the specifics:In addition to the superior threat protection provided by the NSa Series, with the purchase of three years of SonicWall Advanced Protection Services Suite, you also get access to Capture ATP with RTDMI™ (Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection™). And with the addition of a second HA unit, you also get the assurance of a reliable, continuous connection, all at no extra cost.”Taking advantage of the 3 & Free promotion couldn’t be simpler: When a customer purchases an NSa 2700 or NSa 3700 firewall and three years of Advanced Protection Services Suite, they’ll also get an additional NSa 2700 or NSa 3700 NGFW and a stateful HA Upgrade Service License. The report also noted that in NetSecOpen testing, the NSa 2700 had an overall block rate of 99.43%, compared with 93.98% for the Fortinet appliance — yet another confirmation of SonicWall’s superior threat-blocking capabilities.

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