How to use Amazon Macie to preview sensitive data in S3 buckets

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To apply the principle of least privilege and allow only authorized personnel to view the sensitive data samples, grant the following permissions so that Macie users who assume MACIE-REVEAL-ROLE will be able to successfully retrieve and reveal examples of sensitive data:Step 1 – Update the IAM policy for MACIE-REVEAL-ROLE. PrerequisitesTo implement the ability to retrieve and reveal samples of sensitive data, you’ll need the following prerequisites:Configure Macie to retrieve and reveal examples of sensitive dataIn this section, we’ll describe how to configure Macie so that you are able to retrieve and view examples of sensitive data from Macie findings. The next step is to create and use an IAM role that will be assumed by other users in Account A to retrieve and reveal examples of sensitive data discovered by Macie.

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