Google TAG Warns on Emerging Heliconia Exploit Framework for RCE


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Researchers noted that Variston IT is firmly in the middle of this proliferating market — a space that has seen sanctioning by the United States and others against organizations like the infamous NSO Group, creator of the Pegasus spyware. The Heliconia threat consists of three modules:Heliconia Noise for compromising the Chrome browser, escaping the sandbox, and installing malware;Heliconia Soft, a Web framework that deploys a PDF containing a Windows Defender exploit for CVE-2021-42298 that allows privilege escalation to SYSTEM and remote code execution (RCE);And the Heliconia Files package which contains a fully documented Firefox exploit chain for Windows and Linux, including CVE-2022-26485 for RCE. So far, none of the modules has been seen in current attacks in the wild, but TAG researchers noted that they've likely been deployed in the past, including using the exploits they contain as zero-days before they were fixed.

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