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The true extent of breaches often isn’t felt for months, if not years, so the average number of records affected per breach for this year could increase even further yetKey findings include:From 2014 to October 2022:822 government entities suffered data breaches174,963,934 records were affected because of these breachesThe cost of these affected records was $26 billion2019 was the biggest year for breaches with 118 in total, followed closely by 2018 and 2021–both with 1162018 had the highest number of records affected– 83,293,815 in totalCalifornia had the most breaches overall (108) and the District of Columbia had the highest number of records affected overall (91.2 million). Those involving inadvertent disclosure were the second-largest breach type with 192 breachesCities/towns were the most-affected government entity type from 2019 to Oct 2022 with 124 breached, while counties were breached 56 times during the same time periodFrom the start of 2014 to October 2022, data breaches have approximately cost US government organisations over $26 billion. The amount of records affected during these data breaches has reduced significantly in the last few years.

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