Why staff losing laptops costs more than ransomware attacks


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The Information Commissioner’s Office fined businesses £26m over the past two years for staff losing laptops and smartphones but only fined one company £98,000 for leaving itself vulnerable to a ransomware attackLost work laptops and phones have cost businesses £26m in fines over the last two years alone. In fact, staff mislaying their laptops and smartphones cost businesses far more in fines than cybersecurity attacks – just one business, a law firm, was fined for security failings which allowed a ransomware attack to happen. Further reading:Top 10 most disastrous cyber hacks of the 2020s so far – This article takes a look at the top 10 most disastrous cyber hacks carried out on organisations in the 2020s, so farCombating common information security threats – What are the security threats most often faced by businesses today and how can they be overcome?

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