Software-update: Calibre 6.5.0

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Closes tickets: 1988609- Tag mapper: When specifying the replacement tag allow completion from the tags in the currently open library- Template language: New functions strcasecmp() and to_hex()Improved news sourcesImproved news sources- Comments editor: Workaround for Qt inserting invalid font-weight when converting a paragraph to a heading. Closes tickets: 1988590- Tag browser: Fix error if a User category contains a reference to a deleted custom column- When sending books by email to the Kindle and PocketBook email delivery services use random subject and filenames consisting of simple English letters to try to workaround various bugs in their email processing code. This fourth update also includes the following changes and improvements:New featuresBug fixesBug fixes- Kobo driver: support the new Kobo Clara 2e- When running calibre with the --with-library command line flag and calibre is already running, switch to the specified library in calibre.

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