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Why Xi Jinping won't ride to Putin's rescue at first meeting since Ukraine war began (The Telegraph) Russian president desperately needs military support, but is likely to be disappointed at the 'Dictators' Club' summitOpinion The China-Russia alliance is pushing Ukraine toward Taiwan (Washington Post) Almost seven months into the Russia-Ukraine war, China is still claiming to be a neutral party, despite the evidence. Zelensky visits liberated Izyum as Ukraine aims to keep Russia on the run (Washington Post) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a bold visit Wednesday to the recently liberated city of Izyum in the eastern Kharkiv region, where he participated in a flag-raising ceremony to mark the nation’s most important military victory since Russian invaders were repelled from the suburbs of Kyiv in late March. The malicious code was designed to […]Fears grow of Russian spies turning to industrial espionage (The Record by Recorded Future) Russia acknowledged this week that parts of its technology industry are dependent on foreign knowledge and lagging competitors by more than a decade, raising concerns that the country’s spies will be used for cyber espionage.

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